for the Winter Cycling Congress 2018
The time for more details about the WCC 2018 is yet to come! However, we answered the most frequent early bird questions appeared at this point.
The Winter Cycling Congress is an annual event that gathers hundreds of experts from every corner of the globe to discuss the opportunities for the cycling mobility in the cold climate cities as well as building and supporting year-round cycling infrastructure and promoting cycling culture in the northern countries.

Every year the cycling congress takes place in one of the winter cities chosen based on the applications submitted. However the citizens are the ones to make the event vibrant and unforgettable, the citizens who are professionals from completely different fields united by their love to comfortable cities, bicycles and positive perception of winter. Previous congresses took place in Oulu, Finland (2013), Winnipeg, Canada (2014), Leeuwarden, the Netherlands (2015), Minneapolis-St.Paul, USA (2016), Montréal, Canada (2017).

The year 2018 will be the first time for the Winter Cycling Congress to take place in Moscow, Russia.
Who is the organizer of the WCC 2018 in Moscow?
The Winter Cycling Congress was initiated by the Winter Cycling Federation and takes place annually since the year 2013. Moscow was chosen to be the host city in 2018 among various applications submitted. Let's bike it! is in charge of organizing this event in Moscow. Let's bike it! is the biggest cycling advocacy project in Russia working in various directions from the urban events to communication with urban and state authorities since 2010 to promote bicycle as a convenient year-round alternative mode of transportation in the Russian cities.
There is no real winter in my city. Will the WCC in Moscow be interesting for me?
The 1st and the 2nd day of the Congress will be focused on winter cycling in particular and the 3rd day will embrace cycling mobility regardless of climate.
What about visa to Russia?
First of all, don't let the visa issue affect your choice of visiting the Congress! We are working on the possible options of visa support and will update this information soon.
What about flights to Russia and accommodation?
There are three big international airports well-connected to the city center, easy and fast transportation access to different parts of the city, Moscow can be also easily reached by train from many locations such as Finland, for example. We are working on possible flight and accommodation discounts for the WCC 2018 participants and will update this information soon.
I don't speak Russian. What should I do?
Two official languages of the WCC 2018 in Moscow are English and Russian with the synchronized translation provided. Many people in the street, in hotels, restaurants are fine with answering you in English. Public transit in Moscow has announcements and signs in English. Urban navigation is bilingual.
I have projects and ideas to share at the WCC 2018. What should I do?
The Call for Proposals will be announced later. Please, subscribe to the news not to miss any updates.
My city wants to host the WCC 2019. What should I do?
Please, check the information here.
Any questions not answered above?
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Dear native English speakers!
English is not our mother tongue but we are doing our best to hold a quality international bilingual event. Found an inexcusable grammar mistake? Please, let us know!